What do you do when it's raining in Phoenix? You get some really cute couples to head to Flagstaff for some fun in the snow!! Seriously, I just met 2 of the sweetest couples! They happen to all be best friends and adventured together to Flagstaff for some snow pictures! The area was closed, but I was luckily able to convince the cops to let us take photos there and it was pure magic! I pretty much had the time of my life and met some awesome friends! AND to top it off, it started snowing during their sessions! Fairy tale? I think so! 

Adrienne & Ryan are the cutest newlyweds! They were so giggly and ridiculously adorable, and honestly have the best smiles I have ever seen!! They had me smiling the whole time. I loved getting to capture them being themselves! It was all so dreamy. I'm so happy I got to meet them and so thankful for the adventure!