I'm going to get real for a bit here! THIS wedding has reminded me why I do what I do. Lately I had been feeling a little down and overwhelmed. Having responsibility over someone's wedding day isn't the easiest thing, and the pressure and demand started to get a bit out of hand. Then I met these beautiful people. Probably the kindest most appreciative people I have ever known. I got to celebrate with them, and truly celebrate with them because they made me feel as though I was a part of their family! What was supposed to be a one hour meeting with the bride, turned into a 3 hour hang out, and me leaving feeling as though I had met my long lost best friend (too bad she lives in England). When the mother of the bride gets real with you and her hugs of appreciation just make your day. When you find yourself crying alongside the father of the bride when he sees his daughter for the first time because his love for her is unconditional. When the groom demonstrates the true meaning of a gentlemen. And when every single person at the wedding is purely genuine and kind, that's when everything became okay, and I was reminded of why I do what I do and for those who truly trust and appreciate me! Alexandra & Kenny I am truly blessed to have met you and your families, and to have been a part of your celebration!!