Frequently Asked Questions


+ Where are you based? 

I am based in Scottsdale Arizona! 

+ Can we see a portfolio? 

Yes of course! If you go to the menu on my site, click on 'Galleries' and there you can see my most recent sessions and posts! It gives you a variety of sessions to look at and get a good feel for my style so you can decide if my editing and style is right for you! I also have images scattered all over my site, on every page! If you want to see more, I can definitely send you wedding galleries that highlight the day from start to finish. 

+ How would you describe your style? 

Documentary. Raw. Real. Timeless. I try my best to get you to be you, honest, and real and have that reflect in your photos. My goal is to make you feel as though you were hanging out with a friend and having a great time. I want to make you laugh, smile, cry, and be silly together. I want you to just be you, to talk, walk and just have fun being completely in love! I want you to look back at your photos and feel as though you are reliving every moment forever. 


I am camera shy and don't know what to do in front of a camera. Will you help me? 

Of course!!! Isn't that what I am here for? Here's a little secret for you, I myself am camera shy. VERY camera shy! In fact, I have a personal goal to be in more pictures and I am not doing so well with it so far. I guess it's a work in progress? My goal during your session is to get you to forget that the camera is there! I like to capture you adventuring together as opposed to strict poses and awkward smiles! I will give you lots of prompts, questions and direction to get you to just talk and hang out, but it will not be stressful! I promise! 


+ I have a Pinterest board full of pictures I found. Can I send those to you so we can capture those photos? 

First I want to say that I love Pinterest and I have a million inspiration boars myself for all things in my life! As for photography, I believe photography is art and you should trust the artist. My style is to capture real emotions and raw moments at your session. I never come with an agenda. I come ready to get to know you and I challenge myself in getting you to be yourselves in front of the camera. I like the real stuff. The giggles and jokes, the nose kisses and surprise moments that catch all of us off guard! The real love between a couple or a family unfolding! Which is why I will not follow your Pinterest board of inspiration. However, if you have a couple of really important photo inspirations you want to happen, or a specific look you want (for example: editorial style photos, symmetry, silly photos, etc..) please send those my way. Plus, it makes the session more of a stressful chore, as opposed to a group of people hanging out and exploring together! So if you like the Pinterest poses and list of specific pictures, I am not for you, and that is okay! I want you to be happy with your photographer because I believe pictures are the most important part of your special day! 


+do you only shoot weddings? 

No! My favorite thing is adventuring with couples in love. I specialize in weddings, elopements, and engagement sessions but I do a lot of family sessions, lifestyle photography and all other portraiture! I also offer seasonal mini sessions. You can reach out for more information on mini session availability and pricing. 


+ Do you Travel for weddings? 

You bet I do! I absolutely love to travel and I'm always up for the adventure! I also have a bucket list and if your wedding happens to be on my bucket list you may receive a discount on travel fees! 


+ Do you travel for engagement sessions/or other portraiture? 

Yes, but there may be a travel fee for anything farther than 45 minutes away from me. Contact me for more details. 

+What is your pricing? 

Wedding collections start at $2500 and I have a few to choose from. Engagement sessions and portraiture starting at $400. You can definitely contact me for more details on pricing! 

+ Are there any extra costs for weddings outside of arizona? 

Weddings in Arizona will most likely not have a travel fee. For weddings outside of Arizona I require a roundtrip ticket and accommodations as extra fees. For destination weddings and elopements, I do have a bucket list of places I would love to go, and if your location is on my bucket list you may receive discounts on travel fees.

+ Are your Wedding Packages customizable? 

I am always open to discussing customization to your packages! I want it to be special to you and make sure you get all you dream of from your wedding photographer. 

+ Do you offer elopement packages? 

Yes! I absolutely love love love elopements! They are so intimate and the adventurous aspect to them makes me so excited! Contact me for pricing and details!

+ How long does it take to receive photos from a wedding? engagement session? portraiture? 

For weddings I will quote you 6-8 weeks for your photos to be completed. If it is outside of wedding season, there is a slight chance it can be done quicker! I do also offer a rush fee. For engagement and couples sessions you will receive your photos within 1-3 weeks. The same applies for any other portraiture. 

+ how many photos do we get? 

On average, you will get 70-100 photos for each hour I am with you! 


+Do you offer albums? 

Yes I do and I absolutely love the album I offer! I spent a lot of time trying to find something special and beautiful. I bring a sample with me to your first consultation for you to see! 

+ Do you use flash? 

I love natural light and will use up all the natural light that I absolutely can before I need to turn my flash on. Usually, my flash is used at the reception when it's dark and there is no more natural light left, otherwise I'm a light chaser and will soak it all up as much as possible!

+ Do you edit your photos in styles other than your own/what is seen in your portfolio?

No I do not! I have spent a lot of time creating a style based on what my vision is and so what you see is what you get! This is my art and if you do not like my editing style, then I will not be a good fit for you!

+Do you give out raw or unedited files? 

No I do not! All photographs delivered to you will be edited in my editing style, and my editing style only. I do not give photos that are unedited or in their raw form for any circumstance. 


+ Can you make me thinner? younger? older? remove wrinkles? etc...

I do not alter your body in any way when editing. I believe you are beautiful as you and that is why I will not remove wrinkles, make you look different, or anything along the lines of altering your body/face. 

+ How do we book you? 

Let's do this!! If you decide I am the right fit for you, we will have a consultation where we go over some details of your special day and get to know each other! To secure your date, I require a 50% deposit, along with a signed contract from the both of us. 


Let's create something beautiful!
Please don't hesitate to contact me with any other questions you may have!